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Data has shown that likes do not generally convert into sales. Social-media-savvy consumers can sense the roar of the crowd, and these massive amounts of social conversations require real human beings.

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Online Retail Sites Showcase Virtual Shopping Mavens
BumeBox reports that their clients see a 5x-20x increase in daily follower rate as a result of these turbo-charged live tweet experiences, which makes sense given that being heard among the noise is a top priority for all social media marketers today and that can’t be accomplished without a little something extra.

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BumeBox Live Tweeting Platform Enriches Real-Time Social Events And Initiatives
“Winning is the ultimate goal here — second place is just the first loser,” Schmidt says in a Honda Racing online video that focused on his team’s efforts last weekend at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach.

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Schmidt camp continues drive toward IndyCar success
Context is about delivering the right message to the right people, at the right time via the right platforms and messaging media that then drives them to take the action you desire.

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Macala Wright: Why Mad Men Are Becoming Math Men
Taco Bell was the subject of 2.2% [of all brand conversations, rounding out the top 5 most buzzed about brands].

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Report: Google Glass Was the Clear Winner of SXSWi Buzz
Under the direction of acclaimed documentarian Sam Jones (@RSAFilms),“Feed the Beat: SXSW 2013” will feature footage captured and shared by Twitter users. That means any Tweets, images, videos and Vine videos shared on Twitter with the #FeedtheBeat hashtag could be included in the film – slated for release later this summer.

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Powered by Tweets: Taco Bell’s #FeedtheBeat
Taco Bell is partnering with Twitter for a crowdsourced rockumentary tentatively titled Feed the Beat: SXSW 2013. To be involved, fans can tweet and post images, videos and Vine videos using the hashtag #FeedtheBeat now through March 11 when the Passion Pit and Wildcat! Wildcat! performances will be live streamed from Hype Machine’s Hype Hotel. The film is slated to premiere this summer.

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Brands Ready SXSW Assault
For the second time, [Belstaff] was live streaming its fashion show. And the Web viewers were not just potential fans, they were data sources to help Belstaff predict which of the runway items might be hits in stores this summer.

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A Front-Row Seat via Video
Taco Bell will also live-stream the show via multiple camera angles at FeedTheBeat.com, and Twitter will host content using videos uploaded onto its Vine platform as well as tweets using the #FeedTheBeat hashtag. The finished film will debut later this summer on FeedThe Beat.com.

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Exclusive: Taco Bell Teams With Passion Pit, Twitter For SXSW Showcase, ‘Rockumentary’
Fans online and at SXSW – where Music, Interactive and Film all come together – have the chance for their own social media content to be featured in Feed the Beat: SXSW 2013, slated to debut in summer 2013. To be involved, fans can tweet and post images, videos and Vine videos using #FeedtheBeat now through March 11 – which will be the date of the performance by Passion Pit and Wildcat! Wildcat! live streamed from the Hype Hotel venue in Austin, TX.

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Help Twitter Make A Rockumentary At SXSW