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In advance of his special on Showtime on Saturday, Allen Iverson did a Q&A on Facebook.

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Three things we learned from Allen Iverson’s Facebook Q&A
On the eve of his debut documentary airing on Showtime Saturday night, Iverson took to the internets for an ol' fashion Q&A.

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6 things we learned from Allen Iverson’s Facebook Q&A
Martin Garrix is continuing his take over of 2015 and to keep the hype rolling, he has teamed up with 7UP to have a live Q &A with fans.

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Martin Garrix @ 7UP Team Up For Live Q&A
The first political Q & A on FB. Pomaska ​​answers questions about family-friendly policies, as well as tax-free allowance

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The first political Q & A on FB. Pomaska ​​answers questions about family-friendly policies, as well
During his Facebook Q&A, the late night show host received nearly 8,000 questions from fans, who asked about everything from his favorite BBQ spots in Austin to career advice.

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Jimmy Kimmel Live at South by Southwest
On March 13, Manchester United midfielder, Juan Mata, held a Q&A session on his official Facebook Page. The one hour event was extremely successful with over 3,753,000 uniques and 8,130,000 total impressions.

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3 millones de personas en el Q&A de Juan Mata
BumeBox works closely with celebrities for Twitter and Facebook Q&As to ensure that they see the relevant questions, ensuring a better experience for the star and the fans.

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Are Q&As; the Future of Celebrity Social Media?
The leaders of the Conservative, Liberal Democrats, Labour and the Green party are attending the televised Sky News, Facebook Stand Up Be Counted event with questions being asked by a studio audience of people aged 16 to 25 as well through Sky News' Facebook pages.

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British party leaders Cameron, Clegg and Miliband questioned via Facebook
Social media has brought offensive posts to the forefront of sites like Facebook, creating a difficult challenge for politicians and aides.

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Political Parties Struggle To Manage Hateful Comments Online
Six months after launch, thousands of celebrities and public figures, including a group of bona fide A-listers, are using Facebook’s exclusive Mentions app.

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Thousands of celebs like Facebook Mentions, but is it more than a bit player?