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Work With Us
Services like BumeBox are enabling brands to offer real-time Facebook chats with celebrities and influencers.

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5 Social Media Hacks Every Marketer Should Know
Facebook is on the cusp — and I suspect 2016 will be the year this becomes clear — of replacing television advertising as the place where American elections are fought and won.

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The Facebook Election
Comedian Jerry Seinfeld tells Mark Zuckerberg he “might really have something here” with Facebook.

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Seinfeld to Zuckerberg: You’re on to something
In the days leading up to Tuesday’s midterm elections, ABC7 Chicago hosted question-and-answer sessions on its Facebook page featuring the candidates for governor of Illinois.

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ELECTION DAY: ABC7 Chicago Hosts Facebook Q&As; by Candidates for Governor of Illinois - AllFacebook
Facebook provided ABC7 support and guidance on how to best promote the Q&As;, and BumeBox’s curation tool made it easier to highlight the strongest questions for the candidates.

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ABC7 Hosts Candidate Q&As; on Facebook
BumeBox hosts Q&A’s through social media for major media companies and celebrities, fixing most of the problems I have with them.

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BumeBox: Twitter and Facebook Chats Aren’t So Bad
Manchester United is the first English football club to reach 60 million fans on Facebook.

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Manchester United Reaches 60 Million Fans on Facebook
Twitter has long had a reputation as a real-time marketing platform, making it a go-to site for brands to host Q&A sessions with celebrities and personalities. But Twitter may be losing a few followers as marketers move chats over to Facebook.

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New Facebook Tool Lets Marketers Host Real-Time Chats With Celebs
BumeBox, a conversational marketing platform and new partner in the Public Content Solutions program, launched an experience that makes it easier for public figures and media organizations to more easily create and moderate Facebook Q&As.

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BumeBox Creates Tool For Managing Facebook Q&As
BumeBox – a new partner in Facebook's Public Content Solutions program — is making the launching and moderation of Facebook Q&As easier via its social dashboard.

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BumeBox Simplifies Facebook Q&As; for Celebrities - AllFacebook