Rugby World Cup - 2011

  • Rugby World Cup 2011 - Universal Sports
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Rugby World Cup content carrier Universal Sports anticipated heavy tweet activity around the 3rd largest sporting event in the world. Their goal was to figure out a way to make millions of tweets meaningful to the individual rugby fan. 


BumeBox powered an onsite experience that allowed RWC fans to quickly connect to team relevant content and fan tweet conversation. Bumebox created a database of terms related to various competing teams, players, coaches, hashtags, etc. and created a team-centric experience. BumeBox also incorporated event relevant real-time information such as a live scoreboard, trending teams, and breaking news. This experience linked through to Universal Sports video subscription service which exceeded their sales goals. 

“Content will always be the key driver of customer engagement,” Fahrner explained. “The positive response has been interesting: People really do like to ‘cuddle up’ to the brands they love and have opportunities to interact directly with them. The ALDO 40 campaign is a perfect example of this innate need.”
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